What We Do

ALPOS helps oil companies optimize their artificial lift production to reduce production loss, extend run-life of ESPs and electrical systems, and minimize down time during operation disturbance.

We provide industrial leading data analytics solutions for the optimization, and team up with local experts to feed their knowledge into our data training platform to boost the intelligence of the software.

We collaborate with local partners to integrate our solutions to their workflow and to provide professional services to oil producers.

Improving Production by
Increasing Average Run Life (ARL) by
Reducing Down Time by up to

Problems We Address


Unplanned Shutdown

Design Incompatibility

Long Recommissioning Lead Time

Key Features

Full Coverage of Artificial Lift System Life-cycle
– Monitoring and affecting entire artificial lift system life-cycle including design, installation, commission, optimization, trouble shooting, failure predication, and failure analysis – Can be integrated into customer workflow and to improve productivity
Data Analytical Technologies
– Data acquisition from ESP sensors, communication console, and other customer provision – Machine-learning based data analytics platform
Detection and Interaction
– Real-time analysis of key performance indicators – Interaction with controllers of the artificial lift system
Prediction and Suggestion
– Prediction of artificial lift system failures – Provision of next-cycle design suggestions
Intelligence Expansion
– Local experts’ knowledge adaptation and integration – Self-evolving algorithms

Use Cases

Application Notes


Insights to Optimization
We discover insights by understanding. Then we build and evolve prediction and optimization models together with frontline users, to focus on the biggest drivers of value; we create smart tools to uncover insights from data. We make the complex simple.
We synergize leading technologies and expertise across industries. We spark great ideas and realize them into unparalleled solutions, innovations including Prediction, Inventory Alert, and Elective Pull Suggestion.
Interactive Business Model
Our partners and clients are co-designers, more than simply the conventional parties. We care about pain points from frontline users, whose contribution of local data and insights will be deeply integrated. Then we help create their own version of ALPOS which understands the local wells best.
Humans + Machines
What we can understand, we can change. What we do is about taking insights and inspirations from the humans and changing the way that machines are working to better handle data and further our understanding of the world.

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